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Efficient Algorithms For Fair Clustering with a New Fairness Notion

Shivam Gupta, Ganesh Ghalme, , Shweta Jain
Published in Web Accessibility Assistance
Pages: 1 - 27

We revisit the problem of fair clustering, first introduced by Chierichetti et al., that requires each protected attribute to have approximately equal representation in every cluster; i.e., a balance property. Existing solutions to fair clustering are either not scalable or do not achieve an optimal trade-off between clustering objective and fairness. In this paper, we propose a new notion of fairness, which we call tau-fair fairness, that strictly generalizes the balance property and enables a fine-grained efficiency vs. fairness trade-off. Furthermore, we show that simple greedy round-robin based algorithms achieve this trade-off efficiently. Under a more general setting of multi-valued protected attributes, we rigorously analyze the theoretical properties of the our algorithms. Our experimental results suggest that the proposed solution outperforms all the state-of-the-art algorithms and works exceptionally well even for a large number of clusters.

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JournalarXiv Operational Status
PublisherWeb Accessibility Assistance
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