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Design and Development of an Automated Product Retrieval System for a Warehouse
S. Udhaykumar, , S.A. Kumar, U.J. Balaji, P. Vishnuvarthan
Published in CRC Press
Pages: 13 - 32
Automation has given solutions to many industrial problems. They have helped to improve productivity in many manufacturing plants. The aim of this project is to automate the warehouse of a supermarket which will eliminate the time spent by the customer searching for products arranged in an extensive layout of racks. The customer will choose the products they require through a mobile application and this information will be relayed to an automated guided vehicle (AGV). The AGV will pick the products placed in an array of racks which will be delivered to the customers at the delivery section of the supermarket. This idea can be extended to any warehouse. An AGV equipped with a robotic arm was modeled to serve this purpose. A detailed design of the robotic arm was done. Inverse kinematic analysis and multi-body dynamic analysis of the robotic arm were performed. A miniature model of the AGV and an Android application were developed to simulate the proposed model. The working of the model was successfully demonstrated. © 2024 selection and editorial matter, L Ashok Kumar, R. Manivel and Eyal Ben Dor.
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JournalSustainable Digital Technologies for Smart Cities: Healthcare, Communication, and Transportation
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