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Effect of copper nano particles on high temperature tensile behavior of Mg-Y2O3 nanocomposite
, {Fida Hassan} S., Tun Sandar Khin, Patel F., Gupta M.
Published in
Volume: 21
Issue: 3
Pages: 588 - 592
Magnesium reinforced with 0.7 volume percentage of yttria is considered to be one of the most promising light weight structural nanocomposite materials, whose performance was further enhanced with incorporation of 0.3 volume percentage of nano copper particles. Elongation-to-fracture tensile test revealed that the nano copper particle effectively maintained strengthening effect on magnesium-yttria nanocomposite at up to 100 °C and gradually diminished with further increase in test temperature used in this study. Nano copper particle induced impressive enhancement in magnesium-yttria nanocomposite and led to their potential near net shape fabrication in to intricate shaped objects at a substantially low temperature.
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JournalMetals and Materials International
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