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Spontaneous layer polarization and conducting domain walls in bilayer graphene

, Efrat Shimshoni, Erez Berg
Published in

Bilayer graphene subjected to perpendicular magnetic and electric fields displays a subtle competition between different symmetry-broken phases, resulting from an interplay between the internal spin and valley degrees of freedom. The transition between different phases is often identified by an enhancement of the conductance. Here, we propose that the enhanced conductance at the transition is due to the appearance of robust conducting edge states at domain walls between the two phases. We formulate a criterion for the existence of such conducting edge states at the domain walls. For example, for a spontaneously layer polarized state at filling factor ν=2, domain walls between regions of opposite polarization carry conducting edge modes. A microscopic analysis shows that lattice-scale interactions can favor such a layer polarized state.

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Journalcovering condensed matter and materials physics
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