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Uniform decoherence effect on localizable entanglement in random multiqubit pure states
R. Banerjee, , A. Sen
Published in American Physical Society
Volume: 101
Issue: 4
We investigate the patterns in distributions of localizable entanglement over a pair of qubits for random multiqubit pure states. We observe that the mean of localizable entanglement increases gradually with increasing the number of qubits of random pure states while the standard deviation of the distribution decreases. The effects on the distributions, when the random pure multiqubit states are subjected to local as well as global noisy channels, are also investigated. Unlike the noiseless scenario, the average value of the localizable entanglement remains almost constant with the increase in the number of parties for a fixed value of noise parameter. We also find that the maximum strength of noise under which entanglement survives can be independent of the localizable entanglement content of the initial random pure states. © 2020 American Physical Society.
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